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When you have been accused of a crime — whether it's a drunk driving offense, a drug offense or something else — you may feel that your fate rests with the prosecution and the court. But this isn't the time to give up. You have a constitutional right to defend yourself against the charges. This is the time to fight for your future with the best criminal defense strategy you can.

At the Bloomington, Indiana, law office of Shapiro & Lozano, we have helped many clients with a variety of criminal defense matters, including:

  • Drunk driving offenses
  • Drug crimes
  • Student disciplinary matters
  • Expungement

Committed To Our Clients

Our firm has a long history of helping clients fight for their futures and defend their rights. Our founding attorney, Samuel S. Shapiro, has been practicing law in Indiana for more than 30 years. After starting out his career as a prosecutor, he switched to criminal defense and gained widespread recognition within his profession for his knowledge and skill in DUI defense and other types of cases.

Our other principal attorney, Joe Lozano, has defended clients all over the state in misdemeanor and felony cases involving drug crimes, violent crimes, student disciplinary matters and more.

Both are aggressive and highly skilled in the courtroom and equally adept at out-of-court legal action. Though we have extensive experience in many different types of cases, when you are our client, we never lose sight of the people behind the legal actions. Your future is important to us.

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We represent people from Bloomington and the surrounding areas.

For experienced help in criminal defense, including DUI defense, call Shapiro & Lozano at 812-336-8192.

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