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1.How long have you been a lawyer? _________
2.Have you ever tried a jury trial? _______
3.Have you ever won a jury trial? ________
4.Are you an Indiana Superlawyer? _____________
5.Are you a member of the National College of DUI Defense? __________
6.When did you last win a jury trial? ________________________
7.What offenses were charged in the criminal defense jury trials that you won? _________
8.Have you handled a case with the same charges I am facing?________
9.Have you handled any OWI/DUI death jury trials?___________________
10.Are you a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers? ___________
11.Can I research cases that you have participated in to see jury trial results or appeal results? _________________________________
12.Can you estimate how many OWI/DUI cases you have taken to jury trial?_______________________________________________
13.Have you given any presentations at seminars by speaking or presenting materials to other lawyers, police, or prosecutors? _____________________________
14.Have you argued any criminal defense cases before the Indiana Court of Appeals or Supreme Court?___________________
15.Is your practice limited to criminal defense? _____________

For experienced help in criminal defense, including DUI defense, call Sam Shapiro Law Office at 812-336-8192.

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