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Have You Been Accused Of Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving offenses represent some of the most common charges in Indiana's justice system. People from all walks of life can be charged with drunk driving, and for many people a drunk driving traffic stop represents the first time they have been detained by the police.

At Sam Shapiro Law Office, I have many years of experience defending ordinary people who have been accused of drunk driving offenses. I understand the pressures you face when you have been accused of drunk driving, and I am skilled in the strategies that can help.

Harsh Penalties

Even for those who have been detained or arrested before, a drunk driving arrest can be a frightening experience. The police and prosecutors can be intimidating and the legal terminology utterly confusing.

The penalties for drunk driving offenses can be severe in Indiana. If a blood test shows you are over the legal limit, you will have your license suspended for a minimum of 30 days. If you refuse to take the test, your license will be suspended for a year. A first offense can also lead to a jail sentence of up to a year.

For repeat offenders, the penalties become even worse. A second offense can mean a jail sentence of at least five days and up to three years. The effects of this kind of conviction can linger for years: If sentenced to more than one year behind bars, you will have to identify yourself as a convicted felon when you look for work or a new place to live.

Defending Your Future

When you are facing potential penalties such as this, it can be crucial to have the help from a skilled criminal defense attorney. At Sam Shapiro Law Office, I have extensive experienced helping people charged with drunk driving offenses.

I look for ways to chip away at the evidence the prosecution will use against you. For example, I investigate the circumstances to see if the police made any mistakes when they arrested you. I investigate the blood testing equipment and procedures to see if they can be trusted to give an accurate reading of your blood alcohol content.

And, if you have been found guilty, I work hard to minimize the penalties and the long-term damage a conviction can have on your personal and professional lives. I have helped many people get special driving privileges so a license suspension doesn't prevent them from getting to work, school, worship, doctor and lawyer appointments, and other important functions.

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