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A DUI could haunt your career for decades

Knocking back a few drinks with friends can be a lot of fun—until someone decides to drink and drive. Many college students don’t stop to consider the long-term consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Getting behind the wheel of a car can be a spur-of-the-moment decision, but the consequences of that decision can last much, much longer.

FDA recommends first cannabis-based medicine

As the stigma surrounding marijuana decreases, many people are looking to the drug as a potential solution for many medical conditions. Patients have smoked, ingested and topically applied cannabis and cannabis-derived products in an attempt to treat medical conditions ranging from chronic pain to glaucoma. One cannabis derivative called cannabidiol, or CBD, has garnered major support—and controversy.

Indiana counties to test nearly all rape kits in backlog

When a sexual assault victim goes to the hospital, they have the option of undergoing an exam in which medical staff collect any evidence of the assault. Then, this evidence is placed in a rape kit. These kits help law enforcement apprehend, arrest and prosecute the perpetrator. One of the most common uses of rape kits is to test a suspect’s DNA against the DNA evidence from the kit.

Studies suggest that legal marijuana could curb opioid crisis

There are two drugs that have dominated the news cycle lately: Marijuana, and opioids. With support for marijuana expanding across the country, the drug has become a hot-button issue. Several states have legalized or decriminalized it; others have relaxed their standards for medicinal use, or passed laws to allow medical cannabis. As for opioids, it is seemingly impossible to ignore the constant reports about the nation’s ongoing opioid crisis.

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