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Binge drinking no longer ends after college

Many remember (or don’t) the crazy times they had in college. Unfortunately, major binge drinking in young adulthood has proven to lead to such issues as drug and tobacco use, alcoholism, alcohol poisoning, liver damage, accidental injury or death, and even alterations to the developing brain structure.

Man on plane convicted of sexual assault

A jury in Detroit took four hours to convict a man charged with sexual assault of a fellow passenger on a plane. The man was found guilty of digitally penetrating a 22-year-old woman sitting in the window seat next to him during a flight from Las Vegas to Detroit in January. He was traveling alongside his wife at the time of the attack. The victim was jolted awake to find her shirt unbuttoned, brae undone and the man’s hand inside her unzipped pants.

Study says sexting tied to drinking

Many have at least anecdotal evidence that sexting usually involves drinking, but now there is a new study on drinking and sexting among college students. research, sexual expectations regarding drinking are driving more frequent sexting among students. The key point here is “expectations,” which could lead to problems. The expectations of consensual sexual encounters could lead to disagreements on intent or what those expectations involve.

'Weed breathalyzer' to be tested by several cities this fall

When it comes to marijuana-impaired driving, everyone agrees that a fairer test is needed. When marijuana was illegal nationwide, it made some sense to have a so-called "per se" rule. If a properly performed test found marijuana in your system, you were considered guilty.

Drug-related homicide charges on the rise

Drug charges are traditionally applied to those who sell or use drugs. However, it is now becoming increasingly common for drug or even homicide charges to be applied to non-dealer friends involved in supplying drugs for an overdose, those who shared drugs, or those who arranged the transaction to purchase the lethal drugs.

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