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Study says sexting tied to drinking

Many have at least anecdotal evidence that sexting usually involves drinking, but now there is a new study on drinking and sexting among college students. research, sexual expectations regarding drinking are driving more frequent sexting among students. The key point here is “expectations,” which could lead to problems. The expectations of consensual sexual encounters could lead to disagreements on intent or what those expectations involve.

The research surveyed 534 undergraduate students about their sexual drive, drinking habits and sexting behaviors. According to the survey, 40 percent of the students reported requesting sexts, while about half reported sending them.

The alcohol connection

The research found that many of the students reported being sexually excited when drinking, which in turn led to them more likely to send sexts. While alcohol is a well known as a depressant, students looked at drinking alcohol as a medium to enhance their sexual drive and lead to positive outcomes related to sexual behavior. It is also clear that the more frequent the drinking, the more frequent the sexting.

Some caveats to consider

There are a number of unique issues to consider in regards to this data:

  • It was gathered from active college students, which is to say an environment that is different from those working professionally or people in other stages of their lives.
  • It does not consider the occasion, the time of day or the relationship between partners.

A dangerous dance

Most college students are well versed on the mores of casual sex, particularly in light of the #metoo movement. However, sometimes there is miscommunication involving those aforementioned expectations. It is also still illegal to engage in sexting with students under the age of 18, so it is wise to ensure your intended audience is an adult. If this behavior is unwanted, went too far or led to an unfortunate misunderstanding, it may be necessary to speak with an attorney with experience handling criminal actions.

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