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Elkhart police chief resigns

Police Chief Ed Windbigler recently announced his resignation. This comes in light of video of two officers under his command beating a handcuffed man who tried to spit on them. The chief downplayed the situation during a review last June. The officers were reprimanded at that time; however, they were subsequently charged with misdemeanor battery after news outlets attained a copy of the video.

Some prosecutors changing their approach

The federal government is in the middle of passing First Step, a major bi-partisan bill that will change the structure of sentencing guidelines. However, there are also reports that District Attorneys overseeing prosecutions at the local level are already on board with many of the changes. According to a recent article in the New York Times, there is a movement across the country among DAs of varying political backgrounds that are taking a restorative approach to prosecution and sentencing similar to First Step.

What if I'm riding in a car with a friend who has drugs?

Imagine you're riding in a car through Bloomington. You're a passenger in your best friend's car. Unexpectedly, your friend pulls out some marijuana and starts to smoke it while stopped at a red light. You know it's a bad idea because there's a police officer in the rearward vehicle. Even worse, you don't even smoke marijuana!

Federal judge okay with charging sober driver with DUI

A Utah woman made national news when she was pulled over and subsequently charged with DUI after having a single low-alcohol beer at lunch in 2016. Despite the fact that she did not slur her words nor were her eyes bloodshot, Snyderville police claimed she smelled of alcohol and administered a roadside test, which the officer said she failed. She was arrested, put in handcuffs and taken in for a blood sample, which was eventually found to be .01.

Teens and sexting

Opinions on the prevalence of sexting seem to be all over the map. However, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that it is becoming increasingly frequent, particularly among teens. Defining sexting as “sharing sexually explicit images, videos or messages through electronic means,” a team of child development specialists examined the data from 122 studies and determined that 39 of them were credible. From there they drew some remarkable conclusions.

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