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DUI myths and the next-morning arrest

It's time to bust some DUI myths. Every year, college students get arrested for drinking and driving when they think they did what it takes to avoid legal charges. The problem is that they bought into myths, not reality, and they made critical mistakes.

Driving the day after can still lead to a DUI

The holiday parties are now safely behind us, but there are still plenty of reasons to go out and have drinks with friends. Therefore, it is a good idea to remind folks of the recent announcement by the American Automobile Association (AAA). The AAA wants to remind drivers that they can still get a DUI when driving the next day.

Vermont Supreme Court rules against profiling

In a case that could have national implications, the Vermont Supreme Court recently ruled on police overreach. The case of Zullo v. Vermont involved a 2014 traffic stop where a young black man was pulled over while driving home from work by a state trooper. Various news reports say the officer pulled the man over for having an obstructed license plate tab. When speaking to the driver, the officer detected a faint odor of marijuana (which was decriminalized at the time) and noticed a bottle if Visine.

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