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Law enforcement increasing the speed of processing with e-warrants

The routine for pulling over a driver has been similar for decades. That is now changing. While Marion County was the first in Indiana to use e-warrants back in 2016, 45 states now utilize e-warrants, which are sent digitally during the initial stop to a waiting judge to approve or deny.

OWI and background checks

Those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs face many challenges. One of the biggest is looking for a job when the applicant has an OWI or other criminal charges on their record. While the Indiana House Bill 1033 protects those who are not convicted or otherwise have their records sealed or expunged, it is a fact that driver not convicted is still enough for those with commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) to be negatively affected.

Your car could determine if you have too much to drink

Self-driving cars are now a reality, if only for a select few. However, Volvo has put a twist on the concept since it announced that it will use an in-vehicle cameras to monitor the behavior of the driver starting in 2020 models. If the driver appears to be distracted by their device or driving while intoxicated, the car will literally pull over and park itself.

The penalties of an OWI in Indiana

Many people, especially some college students, don't realize how serious an OWI charge is. They shrug it off as a night spent in the drunk tank. Maybe you get stuck with a ticket. It's nothing that won't blow over in a couple weeks, right? They could not be more wrong.

Vermont Supreme Court rules against profiling

In a case that could have national implications, the Vermont Supreme Court recently ruled on police overreach. The case of Zullo v. Vermont involved a 2014 traffic stop where a young black man was pulled over while driving home from work by a state trooper. Various news reports say the officer pulled the man over for having an obstructed license plate tab. When speaking to the driver, the officer detected a faint odor of marijuana (which was decriminalized at the time) and noticed a bottle if Visine.

Federal judge okay with charging sober driver with DUI

A Utah woman made national news when she was pulled over and subsequently charged with DUI after having a single low-alcohol beer at lunch in 2016. Despite the fact that she did not slur her words nor were her eyes bloodshot, Snyderville police claimed she smelled of alcohol and administered a roadside test, which the officer said she failed. She was arrested, put in handcuffs and taken in for a blood sample, which was eventually found to be .01.

3 Indiana counties top nation in DUI fatalities

Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties here in Indiana have the dubious distinction of being the top in the nation for drunk driving fatalities. According to a recent review by the newspaper in Munster, 140 of the 373 fatal crashes in these counties (between 2010-2014) involved drunk driving. This is 35 percent, which is considerably higher than the rest of the state’s average of 25 percent and the national average of 28 percent.

Supreme Court Judge nominee's comments about drinking scrutinized

It is fun to tell stories about crazy college shenanigans. It can be just trading stories in-between classes or sitting around with friends. Those stories, however, can be used by public speakers for light-hearted asides speaking to large groups of alumni or professionals.

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