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Drunk driver to police officers: Let me eat cake!

Professional bodybuilding at the championship level requires focus and discipline. “Getting the gains” is a term that describes the process of lifting, eating healthy, and living a lifestyle focused on health.

Yet, even the most successful musclemen and women occasionally have a “cheat day.” NPC Garden State bodybuilding champion Dehabah R. Sylvester decided to set aside her “gains” in favor of a sweeter treat after consuming alcoholic beverages before leaving the Newark airport.

The Bloomfield resident was arrested and charged with DWI and reckless driving after swerving around the airport on a blown tire and subsequently crashing into the guardrail. Alcohol was impairing her, but a piece of cake seemed to be getting in the way of anything resembling safe vehicle operation.

Witnesses called police when they saw Sylvester behind the wheel of her Nissan Ultima, swerving and slamming into curbs and other obstacles impeding her progress. One particular collision blew her tire, but that did not stop her. Left with only a rim to drive on, Sylvester finally stopped.

Officers approaching her vehicle saw the bodybuilding title-holder and personal trainer eating a piece of cake on a plate. She told police that she stopped her vehicle to enjoy her dessert. She also informed them that she would be leaving soon.

She did end up departing the airport, but not on her own, especially when she failed a sobriety test and a breathalyzer where she blew twice over the legal limit.

Regardless of the consequences she faces, she can take some solace in that Newark police officers let her eat cake.

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