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Avoid a DUI this Halloween

Halloween is a holiday full of treats and tricks--as long as the tricks don't involve drinking and driving. Even if your Halloween plans involve attending a lot of parties, don't be tempted to drink and drive. You may be too old to be afraid of ghosts, but an even scarier prospect is being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Traffic stops a primary effort in catching drug activity

Recent traffic stops in Indiana have led to arrests for drug possession found in vehicles and on the driver or passengers in the car. These traffic stops often begin entirely normal as officers pull over drivers for various non-criminal issues, such as potentially dangerous damage to vehicles, speeding, or suspicious driving. However, they can quickly turn into something much more severe if you are suspected of a drug crime.

Hope for drug addictions at Indiana University

Drug addiction is a severe problem in the nation and a growing crisis on local college campuses. Since 1999, Indiana is one of the four states seeing fatal drug overdoses quadruple—an alarming rate that doesn’t show signs of slowing down. The Indiana University (IU) President is taking these stats seriously and just pledged $50 million toward efforts to stop drug addictions at the student level.

Lengthy investigation targeted in college sexual misconduct cases

Last month Betsy DeVos, U.S. Education Secretary, asked for a change in the long investigation time frames that occur at universities when it comes to in sexual misconduct cases. This request was the result of complaints made by many college and university students about delays in Title IX investigations.

DUIs, financial penalties, and you

Getting a DUI is obviously a terrible moment in any person's life, and all of the potential consequences that follow will be punitive in their own way. Still, there are certain consequences that are more punitive than others, and today we want to focus on the financial aspect of drunk driving charges and how they will impact you going forward.

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