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Is it illegal to dox someone?

Doxing, or the practice of posting someone's identifying personal details on the internet, is becoming a popular form of online retribution. In the past year or two, there have been several examples of social media users doxing everyone from white supremacist to female journalists and even the victims of sexual abuse. Doxing someone may seem like a harmless act of reprisal, but it can have serious consequences--for both victim and perpetrator.

What is online sexual harassment?

While the recent debate about sexual harassment has focused mostly on workplace incidents, harassment can also take place online in the form of emails, texts and social media messages. Even though it does not occur in person, online sexual harassment can be just as mentally and emotionally damaging for its victims.

New bill would investigate funding for rape kit backlog

As we discussed in a past blog post, Indiana has approximately 5,000 untested rape kits in its backlog. This staggering figure makes the state’s backlog the 10th largest in the nation. This may change, however, if a newly-authored piece of legislation makes it through the state senate.

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