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Teens and sexting

Opinions on the prevalence of sexting seem to be all over the map. However, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that it is becoming increasingly frequent, particularly among teens. Defining sexting as “sharing sexually explicit images, videos or messages through electronic means,” a team of child development specialists examined the data from 122 studies and determined that 39 of them were credible. From there they drew some remarkable conclusions.

DeVos announces new sexual misconduct protocols for schools

We initially wrote back in September about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s push to change how colleges and universities address sexual misconduct on college campuses. The new plan has now been released to go through a general comment period, which could bring more changes. The general thrust is that there would be additional protections to the accused students and clearer guidelines about what types of cases would be investigated by campus officials. According to reports, these changes would fix a system that failed students by allowing the assumption of guilt before due process. 

Videotaping can lead to arrest

A janitor working at Bloomington High School North was arrested recently for secretly videotaping 13-year-old girls in the school’s locker room. According to news reports, the janitor placed his personal cell phone in a bag of laundry and left it in the girls’ locker room. The bag had a hole in it that enabled the device to videotape the girls while they were in the locker room changing out of their swimsuits.

Education department to institute due process in campus sex charges

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is overseeing a new plan to revamp a Title IX regulation. While the New York Times acquired draft of this new legislation, the details are still being worked out. Early analysis indicates that main thrust of the new plan would be to reduce the number of investigations done each year, to strengthen the rights of those accused of sexual misconduct and providing more emphasis on due process of the accused.

Man on plane convicted of sexual assault

A jury in Detroit took four hours to convict a man charged with sexual assault of a fellow passenger on a plane. The man was found guilty of digitally penetrating a 22-year-old woman sitting in the window seat next to him during a flight from Las Vegas to Detroit in January. He was traveling alongside his wife at the time of the attack. The victim was jolted awake to find her shirt unbuttoned, brae undone and the man’s hand inside her unzipped pants.

Study says sexting tied to drinking

Many have at least anecdotal evidence that sexting usually involves drinking, but now there is a new study on drinking and sexting among college students. research, sexual expectations regarding drinking are driving more frequent sexting among students. The key point here is “expectations,” which could lead to problems. The expectations of consensual sexual encounters could lead to disagreements on intent or what those expectations involve.

False confessions still happen

It may be hard for some people to understand, but it is a very real and tragic occurrence that people admit to crimes they didn’t commit. One recent high profile example is the groundskeeper for the Chicago White Sox who spent 23 years in jail for murder. The police coerced a false confession out of him during a 12-hour interrogation where he was physically abused by officers and insulted with racial slurs. The man was not cleared until modern day DNA testing of sperm found on the victim cleared the way for the man’s release in 2017.

Older teens less likely to think sexting is bad

A new study on sexting published in the April issue of Computers and Human Behavior found that sharing sexually explicit messages, videos or images through electronic means is on the rise among teens. The three researchers at University of New Hampshire and Boston University estimate that 14.8 percent of teenagers age 10-17 engage in this behavior with the highest rate being among older teens.

Indiana counties to test nearly all rape kits in backlog

When a sexual assault victim goes to the hospital, they have the option of undergoing an exam in which medical staff collect any evidence of the assault. Then, this evidence is placed in a rape kit. These kits help law enforcement apprehend, arrest and prosecute the perpetrator. One of the most common uses of rape kits is to test a suspect’s DNA against the DNA evidence from the kit.

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