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Jurors can bring personal beliefs into the courtroom

Judges typically have a list of factors it considers before dismissing a juror, but at the top of the list is that person’s ability to remain impartial when hearing evidence. Massachusetts Justice Kimberly Budd wrote as much, saying in her decision: “Asking a prospective juror to put aside his or her preconceived notions about the case to be tried is entirely appropriate (and indeed necessary); however, asking him or her to put aside opinions formed based on his or her life experiences or belief system is not.” 

Supreme Court rules that states cannot impose excessive fees

The United States Supreme Court rarely rules unanimously these days. Nevertheless, it did so recently when it passed down a decision that makes it clear that the Eighth Amendment's prohibition of excessive fines, fees and forfeitures applies to states.

An illegal traffic stop could help you defend against charges

Law enforcement officers often have to walk a fine line between respecting an individual's civil rights and protecting society as a whole. While there are certainly situations in which law enforcement officers must follow their own best judgment, in most scenarios, there is a clear-cut policy in place.

IU gets a new police chief

After 23 years of working at the Plainfield Police Department, Jill Lees will become the new IU Police Chief. She is set to begin in March. Despite the fact that she has been in Plainfield for over two decades, Lees should not have too many problems finding her way around campus - she got a criminal justice degree from IU in 1995 before going to work in Plainfield.

Many roadside drug tests are inaccurate

A Florida sheriff’s deputy recently made national news for a string of arrests based on inaccurate drug tests. The now-dismissed man made 81 arrests in his first 11 months on the job, and now he faces criminal charges for false arrest. While it is still unclear whether deputy is guilty of ineptitude or malicious intent and faked results, the fact remains that the deputy is responsible for putting many innocent people behind bars for days, weeks or months.

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