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What are the legal consequences of underage drinking in Indiana?

Some people take a very liberal view of underage drinking, chalking it up to a rite of passage most high school or college students experience. Experimenting with alcohol may be relatively common, but that doesn't mean it is a minor concern. Even if the teens involved avoid major mistakes like driving under the influence or getting into fights, there is always the potential for criminal consequences.

A DUI affects college kids now and far into the future

You might think it's okay to go out for a few drinks with friends while you're in college, but, depending on the circumstances, you could end up costing yourself more than a few dollars. If you get behind the wheel and drive, you could end up with a drunk driving charge and face serious penalties and long-term consequences.

How does the United States government classify drugs?

The federal government classifies illicit drugs into a variety of categories from Schedule 1 reserved for the most dangerous drugs and Schedule 5 reserved for the least dangerous drugs. Whether you agree with how these drugs are classified, it's valuable to familiarize yourself with the classifications so you can avoid getting into trouble.

A drug conviction can put a kink in your financial aid

For the majority of college students, financial aid is a fact of life. You depend on it to help with the cost of your university housing, purchasing textbooks and paying for your classes. Another common aspect of student culture is drug use. With more states starting to decriminalize marijuana, you may be tempted to engage in some recreational drug use. However, it important to remember that in Indiana, marijuana is still very much illegal.

Doing dabs or blasting BHO could cost your college student

Dabbing isn't just a viral dance move and photo pose. It's also slang for the process of vaporizing marijuana extracts in a special kind of pipe or bong. Typically, a "nail" or "bowl" made of metal or glass gets heated by a butane torch. Users then dab the extract on the hot surface while inhaling, effectively vaporizing the highly concentrated active compounds from marijuana.

How should I respond to my child's cocaine charges?

If your child is a college student, they may think that it's perfectly normal to experiment with various recreational drugs. Whether or not drug experimentation is a regular component of the American college experience, it is still illegal and can lead to serious penalties if your child receives a drug possession conviction.

DWI penalties in Indiana

Imagine spending Saturday at the lake, barbequing with friends. After a full day of burgers and beer, you head back into to town. When you are only a few blocks from your apartment, red and blue lights suddenly flash in your review mirror. A police officer is pulling you over. Only a short time later, the police officer is putting you in the back of the squad car to drive you to the station. You are about to be booked on a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge.

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